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AgroAndina Fresh Products is an agribusiness company that combines years of extensive experience to offer fresh products of herbs, fruits and vegetables to the local and international market. AgroAndina Fresh Products enjoys a reputation for producing the highest quality food products from its own crops in Tolima-Colombia applying advanced techniques for a clean and efficient production to get the highest concentration of flavor and aroma. AgroAndina Fresh Products is a grower company that works hard to ensure our clients clean, fresh and safe products produced under an environmentally friendly approach. Clients have the opportunity to select a wide variety of Premium / Gourmet greens, fruits and vegetables, all fresh and promptly delivered.
We are a well-established Colombian company located in Bogota and also farms in Cundinamarca  and Espinal Tolima, three hours of El Dorado International Airport in Bogota. Our strategic location ensures the appropriate climate, abundant sunshine and excellent temperatures for the production of herbs such as Basil and rosemary and mint with the highest concentration of essential oils, aroma and quality. In collaboration with our partners and allies, we are able to provide extensively the products that your business requires. We invite you to view our product catalog with the confidence that our primary commitment is to meet your requirements. Our organization is committed to its spirit of social responsibility, ensuring economic stability and job opportunities for families in our region. In our interaction with Colombian producers and farmers, fair and equitable treatment guarantees a long-term relationship. Our human capital is 100% local families, who always do their best to boost our main objective: THE SATISFACTION OF OUR CUSTOMERS AND PARTNERS.