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Basil, Mint, Rosemary and fruits are some of AgroAndina Fresh Products’ leading products. These herbs are consumed in cuisines all over the world. Basil and herbs are also known for its aromatic and its health benefits. We are able to provide a selection of brightly colored and nutritious fruit. Climate conditions of our farm offer a great taste and health benefits and should be part of a healthy diet. Nutritionists and doctors laud the gifts of these tropical foods to prevent numerous health conditions and to preserve the general health and well-being. Our interest is oriented on production and distribution of fresh quality fruits, vegetables and herbs. This implies for you that:

1) Our products will ALWAYS arrive fresh and straight from the field.

2) The quality of our products will be the most optimal, as a result of a constant effort on our farms and also search for allied producers that adapt their processes to our high standards of demand in Good Agricultural Practices and

3) We offer a portfolio of more than ten different products, including a wide line of PREMIUM / GOURMET products with permanent availability. AgroAndina Fresh Products’ exports basil, fruits and vegetables directly to international (CFA Bogota) clients.